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5 Tips for Successful Home Garden in Small Spaces

Written by Gogy

It is always fun to have a garden around as gardening is one of the best hobbies. Gardening is not just an hobby but also a way to relax one’s mind and make them mentally strong and calm. With infra development in this era, there is no much space to grow garden and plants and the space is restricted to a smaller area. How to utilize the available smaller space to make it a beautiful garden? Here are few tips from experts to help you in turning a smaller space into a beautiful garden.

Stacking technique:

You can stack the pots one above the other in a proper way so that all the plants will get proper sunlight, water and nutrients. Stacking method is used in many apartments where they find a limited space in the balcony or outside.

Step it up:

Utilize the corners of the steps in a beautiful way by turning it up into a garden. Stack up the pots on the edges of the steps to make it more lively and this technique will change any sort of steps into a beautiful garden.

Bag it:

You can use old cloth bags to pack it up as a pot and this can be moved anywhere around the house and thus will help with filling up the small spaces. These bags can also be gifted in whole to kids who are willing to do gardening and also to anyone on special occasions.

Narrow Niches:

Narrow niches are the regularly followed techniques and this technique involves stacking up the plants narrow and linear. This can be done in the space available at the edges of the balcony, space on the edges of the outer wall and many more.

Terrace gardening:

Utilize the space on the roof and the frames of your windows as the base for gardening. This is a classic method in micro gardening as this involves utilizing the spaces around for gardening and it involves more micro plants.

You can also convert your roof top into a beautiful garden with the latest hanging techniques and these hangers are available cheap in the market.

Choosing the technique alone will not help in proper utilization of the space. The plants should also be chosen with care and there are many small space growing micro plants available. You can choose different varieties from flowering to non flowering, fruit bearing to ornamental plants and cactus. It is the best to choose a simple, non sophisticated, easy to maintain plants. Micro gardening is more suitable for less soil and water consuming plants and also less humidity suitable plants. The sunlight varies from place to place, so it is the best to choose the simple plants than complicated high- maintenance plants.

Change your house into home with these lovely collection of plants and lovely ideas. Decorate your smaller places green with these micro plants and make it the best place. Choose the plants and space wisely and pull the best out of it and enjoy your small space garden!

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