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6 Uncommon Herbs to Add More Flavors to Your Life

Written by Gogy

There are hundreds of hundreds of herb and spices that are readily available in the market that can add more flavors to your life. Some are quite easy to find and can help you live a healthy life especially if, you want to cut down an excess of fat, sugar, and salt consumption in your diet. We are here with the list of six unknown herbs that might not be known to everyone but can play a significant role in giving a healthy and nutritional diet to the one using it.

Thai Basil

Thai Basil Leaves are one of the oldest herbs ever known to the humans. The best thing about these herbs is that they come loaded with healing and healthy properties that are good for solving digestion-related problems. Other benefits of consuming Thai Basil leaves include Diabetes management, detoxification, fights depression, cure skin issues like acne, blemishes, etc.



As the name of this herb suggests, Lemongrass herb is mainly used for adding citrus scent flavor to everything. It can be used as a whole, cut in parts, or as a paste. All you need to do is to clear its base and remove excess of outer layers. Then slice it to form pieces, or use as a whole and cook until the leaves become soft. From here, you can use these leaves and boil in hot water for up to 5 minutes to make Lemongrass tea, or add it to your delicious dishes to add lemon flavor. 

Agastacherugosa (Korean Mint)

Mint is a common herb easily available in your kitchen. Agastacherugosa (Korean Mint) herb is somewhere between mint and basil leaves that smell like mint but has aniseed flavor also. Its plant looks beautiful and can grow up to a meter. Bees love this plant.

This herb can be used while making spicy dishes and fish-dishes. 

Red Perilla

Red Perilla popularly called shiso belongs to mint family only.  This herb with red-colored leaf makes it different especially well grown in the garden of herbs. Its anise-like flavor is one of its kinds. Red Perilla is often seen in salads, fish stews, and chowmein as an aromatic herb. Not only in food, has this herb had traditional Chinese medicinal history as well. It was used as a medical herb to treat the common cold. 

Winter Savory(Saturejamontana)

Its name is quite confusing. This shrub gives flowers in late summers. Small and evergreen Winter Savory has small pink flowers resembling thyme to some extent tastes somewhere between sage and rosemary. When using this herb as a part of your cooking ingredients, do not forget to add it in the end so that you get the fresh and strong aroma.

Herbs of Provence

Also called Herbs de Provence, this herb is a mixture of 5 or 6 herbs that belong to France’s sunny Provence region. Though the blended variety may vary, the common herbs used to create this Herbs of Provence are thyme, savory, basil, fennel, rosemary, marjoram, or lavender. The sweetness and aroma of this herb add a different taste to your hot dishes. Can be used on roasts, meats, fish, and grilled food.

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