About us

It is all about Kiran Bala, a 27 years old quiet vanilla girl with big dreams. Fast forwards a few years, she is a web developer and has expertise in web designing and development, word press, Front-end development. Along with that, she is an excellent graphics designer and video editor as well as a wonderful writer.  She is the face of all the blogs on livings based on lifestyle, health, food, yoga, and traveling. All the important aspects of life which are necessary for leading a peaceful and great life are included in these blogs.


There is a balance between living a modern and progressive life and along with that respecting and embracing the traditions and values that are created in the societies of the world is also vital for us. Kiran respects this concept and works according to that. With more than five years of experience in IT, she is even a mother of a baby girl named Rabia. She made a wonderful balance between her personal and professional life and made hence blogging her passion.

Ever since she was a little girl, her family would travel and she had some beautiful experiences of cultures that made up this diverse world. She claims that her adventures have only just begun. So, she jolts down all her experiences in her blogs. You can find out in her travel blogs that both comfortable city or beach holidays, as well as a rural backpack, are adventurous and exciting.

After going through the yoga blogs, you will come to know about the benefits of yoga. Start practicing yoga on a regular basis which will transform your life completely. She wants to break the mold. Earlier she was a shy and highly dependent person but gradually she is learning new things and transforming herself in a better human being. According to her, we can do anything and everything.

A rigorous research and hard work make up her blogs. You will get a new definition of life and the new direction of enhancing lifestyle when you go through the blogs that she has created. From yoga to food, travel to lifestyle you will get to know about important aspects of life. Having a healthy body and mind provides a healthy lifestyle. Her write-ups will influence you to a great extent. There is a team of a great writer who supports her in creating such an interesting and great content.

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