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Caring for Your Lips: A Guide to Cold Sores & Canker Sores

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Human lips are unique and differ from other skin areas. They are the tactual sensitive organ. Lips can also act as an incredible zone to measure the immune system. In addition, lips play a vital role as a visual communicative outlet for humans.People often get confused with the canker and cold sores that most likely affect lips when weather conditions get changed.

Both sores are not the same but they trigger the same effect on lips. It is important to distinguish those sores to treat them in an effective manner.Here in this article, both canker and cold sores briefed in details along with the cause, symptoms and preventive measures.

What is Canker Sore?

Canker Sore also called as aphthous ulcer usually appears in lesion form on the soft tissues of inner-mouth walls, the inner side of lips, or on your tongue. The lesion can be either small or in big size with pain, people who infected with canker sore may feel difficult to talk and eat.

In most cases, canker sore gets heal on its own within one or two weeks. However, if it tends to be appearing more than 2 weeks and doesn’t heal on its own, then it’s better to consult with the specialist doctor.

  • What Causes Canker Sore?

The real cause of the Canker Sore is yet to identify accurately but it is confirmed that the Canker Sore does not spread from one person to another by physical or by any other mode.

In general, Canker Sore classified into 3 types such as Minor, Major, and Herpetiform. Here the Minor and Major Canker sores differentiated based upon the size of the lesion, pains, and time taken to heal.

However, Herpetiform canker sore is completely different from the other two. Only aged people infected with this sore and it appears in the size of a pinpoint. Herpetiform canker sore develops in groups ranging from 10 to 100 in a particular area.

The occurrences of Major and Herpetiform canker sores are very rare. Meanwhile, the minor canker sore appears to be quite common among all age group people.

Here are the list of few predictions may cause a canker sore

  • Emotional/Hormonal Stress
  • Physical injury on Mouth
  • Food Allergies
  • Consuming Acidic Foods or drinks
  • Lack of vitamins or minerals, or folic acid
  • Symptoms of Canker Sore
  • A painful lesion that appears to be an oval or circular shape occurs inside the mouth or inner lips or on the tongue
  • The color of the lesion may be in yellow or white.
  • The irritating lesion appears on the sensitive parts of the mouth and causes trouble while talking, eating and on doing any activity that triggers mouth muscles.
  • Treating Canker Sore
  • There’s no need for specific treatment, canker sore gets heal on its own in a few weeks. However, if pain not tolerable then people can get used to the below-listed treatments to cure canker sores.
  • Rinsing mouth or infected parts with dexamethasone or with warm salt water or with a mixture of salt and warm water.
  • Ingredients like benzocaine or Hydrogen peroxide or ice cubes or honey or dab milk of magnesia can help
  • Ways to Prevent Canker sore
  • Avoid taking foods that irritating mouth, lips, and tongue
  • Consume healthy diet
  • Be relax and stress-free
  • Get enough sleep

What is Cold Sore?

Cold Sore also called herpes labialis and as fever blisters. It develops on the lips and around the mouth area. Cold sore usually appears in cluster form small fluid-filled sores. Apart from lips and mouth, cold sore may appear on the nose too.

Few days before the appearance of a cold sore, people will feel a tingling sensation on the skin and later it will develop into clusters of small fluid-filled sores. Cold sore will leave unattractive scab on the affected area.  The formation of scab is due to the breakage of the fluid-filled sores.

  • What Causes Cold Sore?

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is the main cause of cold sore, the virus classified into two types HSV-I and HSV-II. Here the HSV-I type virus causes a cold sore on the mouth and the HSV-II type virus cause a cold sore on genitals.

Unlike the canker sores, cold sores are easily spreadable. Once the sore breaks, virus spreads. Physical touch, external kissing, will lead to HSV virus spread. The study shows, a person who infected with a cold sore can spread the virus to another person even the person touched the non-affected area.

The devastating part is cold sore can spread to other areas because of the HSV virus. Once the virus gets into the human body, it will long last and it may re-appear the cold sores often.

Here are the lists of prediction that can trigger cold sores

  • Stress Factor
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Exposed in Extreme Sunlight/Wind
  • Hormonal Change
  • Symptoms of Cold Sore

Unlike canker sore, cold sore gets into three stages.

  • People feel discomforts like tingling, burning, itching on the spot in which cold sore about to develop. Some even face fever in this first stage.
  • A Breakout may appear on the various spot and even small clusters of blisters will appear on this second stage.
  • Finally, the blisters will break and fluid like substance leak leaving unattractive marks on the spots.
  • Treating Cold Sore

Just like the canker sore, cold sore gets heal on its own within a few days. However, the pain caused by cold sore is pretty embarrassed when compared with the canker sores. To get rid of the pain and other uncomfortable symptoms infected person can try any other below listed treatments.

  • Can apply sun creams, ointments, and even pills to kill pains
  • Applying Aloe Vera can ease the inflammation caused by the cold sore
  • Consider about in taking Vitamin-E, Vitamin-C to boost the immune system for speedy recovery.
  • Ways to Prevent Cold sore
  • Avoid touching the infected spot with hands
  • Maintain excellent immunity system and Vitamin-D
  • Avoid contacting infected person
  • Try to avoid body exposure in sunlight heavily
  • Avoid advanced cosmetic dermatological procedures like lasers, peeling and so.

Difference between Canker and Cold Sore

  • The canker sore appears on the inner soft tissues of mouth or lips and the cold sores appear on the outer part of the mouth.
  • A canker sore referred as an ulcer and cold sore as a blister
  • A Canker sore doesn’t spread but cold sore highly contagious

Though both sores appear to be different still they signal the low immune system. In order to the healthy immune system, one should have an ultimate controlled healthy diet.

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