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Deadliest Foods You Eat Every Day

Written by Gogy

The food on today’s dining table is full of so many nutrients and vitamins, but it is also full of toxic elements. You don’t believe this!

It is so convenient to have all the varieties of food on our platter in very less time because most of the food is processed food. This is one of the major reasons for having a diet rich in sugar content, and deficient in nutrients. The lifestyle diseases like heart diseases, obesity, and other chronic diseases take a toll on the human being. These foods are worst for the modern diet and should be avoided completely.


Let’s look at the food for every day and discuss the deadly foods in your diet:

  1. Sugary drinks

The canned drinks like fruit and vegetable juices, sodas, flavored milk, canned tea, and coffee are all having a high amount of processed sugar. Their intake is known to add weight to the body. They are empty calories and may also increase the risk of cancer and diabetes. They have a high content of preservatives which are harmful too.

  1.  Margarine

Margarine is a processed variety of food which tastes like butter. It has artificial ingredients which increase their trans-fat content. This is linked to cardiovascular diseases so, limit its intake.

  1. Fat-free foods

These guilt-free foods may not be good on the health!

The fat-free versions of milk, yogurt, or biscuits or desserts are not good for us. The foods that are marketed as healthy alternatives are not at all healthy. The trans-fat used in them is a culprit as well as they have increased the quantity of sugars to balance the taste. This, in turn, makes the low-fat edibles unhealthy options for our body.

  1. Red meat and processed meat

The red meat is high in saturated fat. Thus, it raises blood cholesterol and this increases the risk of heart disease. The red meat is hard on your digestive system. The processed meat is known to cause colorectal cancer. For some years, people have started avoiding it and opting for fresh, grass-fed meat.

  1. Potato chips and French fries

Both these foods are rich in salt content and calories. They are highly unhealthy snack from everyday foods. They contain very little actual nutrition. They result in significant weight gain and high cholesterol levels.

  1. Cookies and pastries

These are known to have a high content of sugar, refined flour and trans-fat like hydrogenated oils.  Their consumption is extremely unhealthy as they are tasty treats which never end with one or two servings. They result in weight gain if taken on a regular basis.

  1. Ice cream

The ice-creams are a house full of fats and sugars. Their daily consumption will place the person at risk of high cholesterol and diabetes. The natural ice-cream with real fruits has less sugar content so, it may be considered occasionally.

All these foods contain processed sugar and salt i.e. high fructose and sodium content respectively. These foods if consumed regularly may impact the smooth functioning of our body. These processed and fried foods must be replaced by whole foods which are rich in nutrients. A good diet must contain freshly cooked food with raw fruits and vegetables. Whole grains and cereals must be included in the diet.

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