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Grid Wall: The Most Versatile Organizer

Organization of home has a lot to do with the type of organizers we are using. Wire grid wall hanging organizers are basics of a home organization that can be fitted at any corner of your house. These can be customized to suit any space and enhance its look in itself. If you were in search of the most versatile tool which is pretty too then this is the best choice. They are affordable pieces which come at a very reasonable price. In order to get most of it, you must know the ways to hang and use them all over your house.

grid wall

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Ways to use the grid wall organizers

  • Inside cabinet doors: In your kitchen or bathroom there are numerous small things that tend to get lost. If you are always wondering, you don’t have enough space in these places to get an organizer then you can mount the grid wall organizers on the cabinet doors of the kitchen or bathroom or vanity and store number of things that were kept unarranged. The grid can be mounted inside the door and then you can add baskets and hooks for hanging all your cleaning supplies and accessories. You can even use it vertically for hanging rags, sponges, rubber gloves. In this way, you can free up huge surface space underneath the sink area.
  • In the entryway: The entryway of your house represents the rest of your home. There are plenty of things that you have to fight within the entryway. To name a few there are keys, dog leashes, the influx of email, and a whole lot of things. In order to arrange this mess, you can hang a wire grid just inside the door. You will need this more if you don’t have a full-blown foyer that usually helps to organize this hardworking space. The grid wall will corral all the pieces and help you to keep them in place as well as within your reach when you head out of the door.
  • Hang it from the ceiling: Many of you may have the misconception that grid walls are basically meant for hanging in the walls only. You can hang one from the ceiling next to your window and use it for hanging your herbs and plants without much difficulty. You can even opt for a beefier one to store your pots and pans. As they can be used as a shelf so they are great savers especially when you have small kitchens. You can store myriad of things onto them.
  • Against the wall: One more way to use the grid walls is batch a couple of them together on your desk or table and there is your instant display for photographs, reminders and other important papers. These pretty modern bulletin boards blend well with your décor and most importantly it will take seconds to set up. If you are going to put it up in your home office or work area then it will even act as shelves and baskets and you can utilize them for storing supplies.
  • Bathroom storage: Storage is something that more you have, it’s better. Usually, bathrooms have small spaces and less storage. Often you need to add more storage in your bathrooms. Instead of reconsidering the real estate you can use the Plaviya grid wall and instantly add up space. It’s perfect to store all your beauty supplies, products, and personal accessories. It will keep all the essentials together as well as organized.

These are some of the ways in which you can use the grid wall in your house. Though you can always be creative and customize it according to your need.

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