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Growing Herbs Indoors

Written by Rakesh Kumar

Herbs are the main ingredient in our food. We love to have them in our food as they enhance the flavors and also are nutritious in many ways. Most of the herbs are used in the medicines as they don’t harm us and can cure the diseases in many ways.

There are many benefits of growing them inside home as compared to outside home. Some of them are:

  1. The affordability

Most of the times we buy the veggies, fruits and herbs from the supermarkets once you start growing them inside your home you don’t need to buy them from outside. This would ultimately save you a lot of money as today some herbs can be a bit expensive up to $10.

  1. The freshness inside the house

The herbs have a very pleasant cologne and they make the atmosphere very pleasant. This would make your house the best place to have parties and meet-ups.

  1. Healthy and easy

They are healthy and have many medicinal effects too. If you grow them inside the house you can easily maintain them as well as the pests can be avoided easily.

If you try to grow them outside then the productivity may decrease and it would become difficult for you to grow them outside, as they would require more surveillance. The indoor herbs don’t require much attention and due to this growing them inside becomes much easy.

You can grow any herb at your home but there are many factors that must be considered before growing them at the indoors. These are the factors that you can’t neglect as this would cause the damage of the herb by different outside factors.

The main factors are:

  1. Controlling the pests:

The attack of pest must be watched as they can destroy plant and can also make the soil infertile. Use the pesticides if possible and don’t expose them much to the outside environment.

  1. Don’t use the chemicals much:

Use of many chemicals will ultimately lead to the destruction of the herbs and all the nutrients you have been waiting for. If possible use organic fertilizers and pesticides as these don’t harm the crops and can easily make the pests go away.

  1. Keep monitoring:

You need to monitor the adequate sunlight, water and all other nutrients like manure and fertilizers on daily purposes as this would keep them healthy and can increase the productivity in good amount.

Well, with advantages there are some disadvantages too. If the plants get attacked by the pests then there may be a possibility that house harming pests like termites may enter your house too. So you need to monitor the pests very carefully. As herbs would need soil and water so if you don’t make a good arrangement for them then your interiors may get dirty. The area near them requires regular cleaning and maintenance.

With some limitations, there are many benefits of growing herbs as this has become a trend in major parts of the country.

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