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How Guest Posting Is Helpful In SEO

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In today’s world of digital media guest posting or guest blogging has become a fashion. The guest blogging is one of the most powerful tactics that contribute in the success of SEO. Content marketing plays an important role to increase your business’s SEO campaigning.

What is guest posting?

Guest blogging or guest posting is posting a content or article on someone else’s webpage’s blog as a guest. A person contributes his/her own written article or content to someone else’s (a company usually) blog and in return attaches a link of his own blog at the end of the content. While the owner of the blog is benefitted by the contributed article, the guest content writer also gets benefitted by posting the external link for his own blog. So it can be said that both the involved parties benefit something from each other.

Guest Posting

 Importance of guest posting in SEO

  1. Gain higher visibility: As said earlier, guest posting plays a crucial role to gain a higher visibility rank in Google. The guest who has contributed content in the website also posts the website link on his/her own blog page. So when audience, watching the guest’s personal blog, click on the website link, the visibility rank for that website increases. On the other hand, the company website allows the guest blogger to post his/her personal blog link at the end of the article. Thus, audience can catch a glimpse the contributor’s personal blog as well. This is how, the market visibility for both parties increases. Through link building, both the parties get a good public exposure, eventually helping them to grab a lot of highly profitable business opportunities
  2. Create a relationship: By posting blogs on another organization, both parties can build a relationship between the two organizations. As a company owner, you are building relationships with other people in your niche, whom you may later partner with on any number of projects or campaigns. The guest bloggers can mention your website on their social media accounts, or you also can mention them on yours. These links helps to increase the potential traffic for each mentioned website.
  3. Gaining popularity: the person who is guest posting on a well known website, gains high visibility for his/her name and personal blog link among the audience. This is how they become popular as a web content writer as well as a blogger. When the guest bloggers become popular they can easily prosper in a better form in their businesses.
  4. Comments and Reply: Many times bloggers overlook and don’t respond to comments as they are unaware of its value. Actually, replying to comments increase the number of consumers of the product you are selling. Not only the consumer get a fair idea if your products, you also get a fair idea of what consumer wants and what they think of your writing. Through guest posting, both the website owner and the guest blogger can interact with the audience by replying to their comments and this active participation in responding to the audience eventually makes them popular in the digital world of SEO.
  5. Regular Posting: As a website owner you must keep posting new articles and content on your website on a regular basis. Outdated content can result in losing the traffic audience. Thus guest posting is the easiest way to get new articles regularly.

So, in conclusion, it can be said that guest blogging is helpful in SEO for both parties as by interchanging individual’s link with content, both the parties get a good chance to get more successful in their businesses.

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