Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts
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Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts: Cashew nuts generally known as Kaju is a gently flavored snack. It is usually used as a preferred ingredient in savory dishes worldwide. It’s simply accessible and located within the native markets all 12 months spherical. The nut is definitely a conically formed seed hooked up to the decrease portion of fruit often called the cashew apple. Cashew is an in-depth relative of pistachio, poison ivy, poison oak, and mangoes.

In its look, this nut is about one inch lengthy with an easy, curvy pointed tip. It’s smooth and white with a fragile creamy floor. When roasted, the nut turns golden brown in coloration having a buttery texture and a fruity aroma.

Cashew Tree:

Cashew is a tropical evergreen tree belonging to the Anacardiaceae household. Its scientific identity is an Anacardium occidentale.

The tree is native to Brazil’s Amazon rain forest and blossoms yearly from November to January. Often rising to a peak of 12 meters, the tree can develop in a large spectrum of climatic areas.


Cashew nut was first launched by the Portuguese explorers within the 16th century for the aim of soil conservation and afforestation. It has now emerged as a significant money crop and is cultivated extensively in Brazil, Vietnam, India, and different African international locations. The cashew tree grows vigorously within the first three years of cultivation.

Cashew Fruit:

Every tree bears quite a few edible pear-shaped fruits often called the cashew apple. Botanically, this fruit is a drupe having a tough outer shell gray in coloration. The outside shell of this fruit has phenolic caustic pores and skin irritant toxins. Whereas processing, the outer shell is roasted with a view to destroying the urushiol resin earlier than it may be consumed.

Dietary Worth:

Cashew is without doubt one of the extraordinarily nutritious nuts. This delicate and candy nut is filled with power, fiber, antioxidants, minerals, nutritional vitamins, and phytochemicals. It’s wealthy in minerals like manganese, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, and phosphorus. It additionally accommodates B complicated nutritional vitamins like pantothenic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine, riboflavin, and folate. Cashew apple accommodates 5 instances extra vitamin C than a lot of the citrus fruits. Nonetheless, Cashew is a high-calorie meal and every 100 grams serving of cashew offers 553 energy.

Cashew nut oil:

The chilly compression technique is used to extract oil from Cashew shells. This oil is extraordinarily helpful for sustaining wholesome pores and skin. The excessive focus of important fatty oil helps in retaining the moisture of the pores and skin. A wealthy supply of vitamin E cashew nut oil may also help forestall the indicators of growing older like fantastic traces and wrinkles if used frequently in physique massages.

Health Advantages of Cashew:

Like many different nuts even Cashew nut has a large checklist of well-being advantages. Right here, we take a look at a few of the Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts.

1. Dental well being:

Researchers have discovered that the chemical substances current in cashew nuts can kill gram-positive microorganisms and pervasive mouth afflictions that trigger tooth decay. It is usually believed that the average consumption of cashew nuts can remove the abscessed tooth, though it’s not but confirmed.

2. Eye well being:

Cashew nuts comprise small quantities of zeaxanthin a vital antioxidant, which will get selectively absorbed into the retinal macula lutea within the eye. This provides our eyes the protecting UV ray-filtering features, stopping age-related macular degeneration within the aged.

3. Weight reduction:

Cashew nut is an extremely fatty meal however with good fats and 75% of the fats are unsaturated. Unsaturated fat present extra power to the physique, facilitating the physique’s metabolism. This may also help one reduce weight, provided that consumed moderately.

4. Mind perform:

Our mind depends on two varieties of fat – polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat for the manufacturing of its mind cells. Cashew accommodates each of that fat. It additionally improves oxygen circulation to the mind, which helps in enhancing one’s reminiscence.

5. Coronary heart well being:

Cashews are wealthy in a number of monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic and palmitoleic acid. These important fatty acids assist in decreasing the dangerous low-density lipoprotein whereas rising the nice LDL cholesterol. Monounsaturated fatty acids may also help in decreasing triglyceride ranges, stopping coronary artery ailments.

6. Bones:

Magnesium present in cashew nuts promotes wholesome bone construction. It additionally accommodates calcium that forestalls bone mineral density loss.

Know Your Cashews Earlier than Consuming Them:

Anaphylaxis is a standard allergy brought on by cashew nuts. The response could vary from respiration issue, decrease stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea to hives. Anaphylaxis is principally prompted as a result of chemical compound urushiol current in shells, nuts, and cashew apples.

Cashew nuts could trigger swelling of the face and different areas of the physique.

Different widespread uncomfortable side effects of extra consumption of cashew nuts are vomiting and diarrhea, which is the physique’s pure response to eliminate impurities. If left untreated, it could possibly trigger dehydration.

Processing Cashews:

The principle goal of cashew processing is to extract the wholesome and attractive kernel from the uncooked nut. These days trendy factories are designed to acquire extra of the entire nut and shell oil from cashew fruits. The processing course is split into – drying, shelling, removing of the testa, grading, and packaging.

1. Drying:

Harvested nuts are first dried within the solar for a number of days. The dried nuts are additionally saved for two years earlier than being shelled. The nuts are once more roasted to extract the caustic shell oil and acrid fumes. The nuts are soaked in the water earlier than roasting to facilitate the rupturing of the shells. This makes the kernels barely rubbery, limiting the breakage of kernels.

2. Shelling:

That is probably the toughest operation within the processing of cashews. Shelling is often carried out by utilizing particular wood mallets and items of bent wire. Mechanical shelling of the cashew nuts is tough to design due to it’s an irregular form. The newest technique is to chop a groove across the shell and place it in a modified centrifuge fitted with metallic plates. The nuts are then thrown towards the plates and are cracked by centrifugal forces. You’ll be able to get hold of 85% of the entire kernels by this technique.

3. Elimination of the testa:

The kernels are dried to take away the skinny, papery seed coat of the cashew nut. Drying makes the testa dry and brittle in order that they’ll simply be eliminated. Bamboo knives are used to take away the remaining traces if any.

4. Grading:

The damaged cashew kernels are sorted into grading schedules. This generally varies as per the exporter.

5. Packaging:

The kernels are dried to three% moisture content material earlier than they’re packed. Drying extends the shelf life and prevents rancidity and fungal infections. Nuts of export high quality are packed in tins for longer shelf life.

I hope these Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts will help you.

Be Safe 🙂

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