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Houseplants to Clear the Air

Written by Gogy

Using mask outdoors but still wonder why you or your family members become a frequent sufferer of allergy or asthma? Do you know indoor air pollution is more dangerous than outdoor air pollution? Alas! Many people don’t know that. Indoor air pollution is more concentrated kind of air pollution – caused by insufficient ventilation, humidity, the presence of toxic elements, and high temperatures. But, as the heading says Houseplants to Clear the Air – you guessed it right.


We are lucky that we have a large number of houseplants that effectively help in cleaning the air. Now, just take a look at some of such houseplants below and add them indoors to have a relaxing and refreshing breath of pollution-free air.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is one of the best houseplants to combat indoor air pollution. It is featured with dark green and lush green oval leaves and its beautiful white flowers share similarities with calla lilies.

The peace lily plants are robust in nature and they need low maintenance. You’ll understand when these plants are thirsty by seeing their hanging leaves. Cool temperatures and low light are needed for the growth of peace lily plants.

Benefits: Peace lily alleviates toxic VOCs (such as ammonia) from severe cleaning products. It holds a high transpiration rate that will effectively humidify your air. And as per the name suggests, you can expect a peaceful ambiance all around your home.

Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is a well-known ornamental plant from the genus of Ficus. In the natural habitat, it grows more than 30 metres in height but its varieties grown indoors are somewhat in a manageable height.

The rubber plant is leathery, thick and it is featured with dark green leaves. The plant is an extremely foolproof indoor plant. Moreover, under the proper conditions and properly-dried soil, it could reach ceiling height. Rubber plant can grow even in faint lighting as well as in cooler climates.

Benefits: Rubber plant acts as a powerful toxin remover plus air purifier. This plant is useful specifically in offices, where furniture is constructed from formaldehyde-based glues.

Boston Fern

The Boston fern is among the most popular ferns and preferred for its incredible features as a houseplant. These plants are usually very attractive with their long and beautiful fronds, adorned with tiny leaves. It’s an easily-grown fern but if you want the best look of Boston Fern, you should use consistently moist soil. These plants need high humidity and indirect light plus mist once a week.

Benefits: Boston Fern removes major pollutants like xylene and formaldehyde. Like other air scrubbers, this plant is able to break down the detrimental pollutants into the root’s system and then convert them into useable shape.

Parlor Palm

The Parlor Palm is a preferred easy-care palm comes with tropical fronds. This incredible houseplant is appreciated for its air-purifying as well as pet-friendly nature. This plant is featured with feathery and tropical-looking leaves, which grow upright and then cascade a little bit.

The Parlor Palm is an easy-care and compact palm with 3-4 feet height plus tolerating crowded roots. It needs indirect yet bright light with high humidity for growth.

Benefits: You’d be glad to know that NASA gives the Parlor Palm plant a high purifying score. It is very effective in clearing out trichloroethylene and benzene. So, it’d be better to place its pot around the furniture that may be off-gassing in nature.

I hope your query Houseplants to Clear the Air has been resolved. Now, it’s your turn to place these plants indoors to have a soothing indoor atmosphere.

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