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Have you ever thought magnesium can aid in boosting sports performance?

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You might have heard that you must get enough calcium and potassium but when it is about magnesium then you might know very little or nothing about its requirement. Magnesium is a very important component of our diet. It boosts health and improves wellness and most importantly, it has the capability to boost athletic performance and body composition. In this article, five ways in which magnesium works to boost sports performance are discussed. If you are a sports performance, then this article is a must-read for you.

Here are five ways in which magnesium work:

  •  Helps in quick recovery: When you exercise then your body needs to improve the endurance. Magnesium helps the body to adapt to exercise and recover quickly. Especially when you exercise in warm weather then you tend to sweat a lot, as a result, there is a loss of electrolytes which are made up of magnesium, sodium, potassium and other minerals. A mineral supplement containing magnesium can restore the electrolytes.

  • Increases strength: Sportsperson needs an efficient nervous system but along with that they also need strong muscles to boost sports performance . Usually, people intake proteins for improving the muscle size. This process is known as muscle protein synthesis. Magnesium is stored in the tissues of muscle so more magnesium will increase the strength.

  • Reduces body fat: Excess fat in the body can reduce the relative strength as well as decrease the performance. You will feel heavy and sluggish too. Magnesium is vital for optimal insulin sensitivity that means it improves overall body composition. This is done by metabolizing carbs effectively and controlling the blood glucose levels. Magnesium helps to boost the effects of dairy and thus reduces the body fat over time.
  • Boosts power: Power is an important aspect of sportsperson performance. The best athletes are always quick and strong. Higher concentration of magnesium in the blood can increase the levels of muscle performance. It boosts the power of the muscles which increases its capacity.

  • Provides better sleep: Most of the recovery process from the exercise occurs while you sleep. Lack of sleep is caused due to a deficiency in magnesium. This will ultimately reduce physical performance. Studies show that magnesium can actually provide better sleep thus aid in the better recovery of the muscles.

Where you can get magnesium?

You can intake magnesium supplements but there are many other sources of magnesium. You can even directly spray salt bath or some trans-dermal magnesium directly on the affected muscles. Some natural sources of magnesium include leafy vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts, dark chocolate, whole grains, mineral, and hard water. Though the recommendation of the amount completely depends upon the age, gender and type of sports performed.


Magnesium is an important component for our body. It is involved in different enzymatic reactions for regulating brain and muscle reactions. It even maintains bone and heart health. After potassium, it is the most abundant mineral of our body. Many studies found that magnesium plays an important role in the performance of an athlete.

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