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Meditation: Do’s and Don’ts to make it Effective.

With every hectic day in our lives, the draining of essential peace is inevitable. The results are anxiety, sleeplessness, hypertension and many more among the long list. There are certain existing artificial means of dealing with everything of these, which might be temporarily efficient but on long term has other side effects deteriorating your health in either way. When you decide to compensate for with meditation, there are so many questions lingering in the mind of beginners about its effective outcomes.

Here are the few basics to understand:

1)  No Hard and fast rules in Meditation.
Since Meditation is an art, and the requirements of individuals differ, there isn’t any distinct paradigm of enactment. It is well suited in accordance to person’s own individualistic needs.

2) Time Healer
As certain Non-Materialistic things of life like Wisdom and Maturity, Medication also, is achieved with the time. The ultimate peace can be attained with passing time and intense dedication.
As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, medication isn’t anything that can be achieved overnight. But with its long term Benefits in mind, and due to its healing capacities, the journey of exploring it is worth the take in lifetime.

3) Befriending your thoughts
It is common for the most experienced mediators to face distraction in their thoughts and to-do’s. But that is the practiced and enforced technique of meditation. The lightening of the pressure involved with the day today errands by driving the concentration into something else so that to fixate it strong in mind and sharpen the focus. It is analogous to bracing yourself in gym before doing actual exercise. Here it is the loosening of pressure first and making the mind ready to walk through it.

4) Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.
Medication can be practiced at one’s comfort like park, college, workplace, train, bus .etc, according to the convenience of day-to day errands. People can keep experimenting with that to figure out the one that fits best for their body. It is appetite indiscriminate both veggie and no veggie can practice it unlike just vegan”yogis”.

5) Numerous Types.
There are different types of meditation involved in practice.
a)Vedic, Transcendental Meditation(TM)
b) Pranayama
c) Vippasanna
d) Mindfulness meditation
e) Guided meditation

There is a long way of the list to go by. The Assisted meditation is the one for the beginners to go with that keeps them focused and identifies what makes their mind/body feel good.

It’s often diligent to figure out the one that suits you but to avail the fruitfulness of natural tranquility one must keep trying until you grab the one made for you. Then you have to do is stay consistent with that.

Here are the five tips that ease your mind. Bear 5 minutes, slowly close your eyes and then take five deep intentional breaths. Hey!!! There you go!  You have already started.

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