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Is Your OTC Pain Reliever Risking Your Health?

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Pain reliever has become one of the common medications for all age group people in this current world. It doesn’t matter when its flu, arthritis, or menstrual when people start to experience pain in their body they automatically prefer to take any OTC pain reliever to overcome their pain.

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Based on the recent survey conducted among the young American adults 9 out of 10 adults prefers to use OTC pain reliever on regular basis to get rid of their body pain caused by various reasons.

What Medical Experts Suggest?

Though OTC pain reliever posses a good thing of helping to get rid of the painful sensation or inflammation problems one should have an eye on dosage and also the possible side effects.

Several health expert points that OTC painkillers are basically and safe and pretty effective when it comes to controlling pains but one should make sure of consuming them on correct dosages. If the OTC pain killers consumed overdosing accidentally or unintentionally then it will lead to severe health hazards.

Is it OTC Pain Killer Really Safe to Consume?

In general, OTC pain killers prescribed by the doctors to relieve the pain in quick session, however, not all the pain killers or pain relievers are suits well for everyone. Factors like age, health condition, and other additional medications would play a significant role in causing unwanted side effects on consuming pain relievers.

Often people assuming that OTC medications including the anti-inflammatory substance are pretty safe as doctors mostly prescribe them to get off their pay. But it’s totally wrong especially when it comes to NSAIDs (Nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs) which should consume with a lower dosage that too based on the particular person’s health condition.

People need to get aware of the fact that consuming lower dosage of NSAID doesn’t mean that it’s not harmless, also it can cause serious health issues if it takes an overdose. In final words, Yes! Consuming NASD’s and other OTC pain relievers upon doctor’s prescription can be safe only if consumed according to the proposed dosage.

Possible Side Effects that can be caused by OTC Pain Reliever

  • Risk of Getting Liver Damage: It is one of the most well-known potential risks of consuming pain killers on regular basis. Liver toxicity can rose if the pain killers consumed for longer duration it doesn’t matter whether you taking on prescribed dose or overdose.
  • Risk of Getting Ulcers: Consuming a lot of NSAIDs could be havoc for the entire gastrointestinal section.  Often people tend to get stomach oriented problems particularly Ulcer. Despite age factor issues like Ulcer, Internal bleeding, Gastrointestinal damage can be witnessed among all aged people if the OTC NSAIDs are taken for a prolonged period.
  •  Risk of Getting Kidney Problems: If diabetes and High blood pressure people who consume OTC pain reliever for longer duration may risk of getting Kidney dysfunction and even leads to kidney failure. Chances of getting chronic kidney diseases are high on regular consumption of NSAIDs.
  • Risk of Getting Miscarriage: According to the study report released by the Canadian Medical Association, pregnant women who consume NSAIDs up to the initial 20 weeks of pregnancy posses’ high thread of getting a miscarriage.
  • Risk of Getting Allergic Reaction or Blood Thinners: Chances of getting life-threatening allergic reactions are high and the chance of getting mild blood-thinning effect among the people consumes OTC pain killers. In fact, the effect of NSAIDs could be worse if it consumed on the regular and prolonged time period.

In addition to those above mentioned severe side effects, there are certain common side effects which many people might witness on their personal life at-least once.     

  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea and Vomiting

Bottom Line:

When it comes to medication especially on OTC pail killer one thing is pretty clear that before considering about taking paid drugs make sure about consulting with the expert physicians on knowing proper dosage and apt drug to consume according to the body condition.

Obviously, OTC medications are safe and handy only if they consumed upon the supervision and prescriptions of professional doctors.

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