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Prevent Dementia (Memory Loss) through Diet

Memory Loss
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Many times you see that some people suffer from memory loss. When they are asked that what happened to them we get a reply that leaves us confused. Dementia is the general term used to describe the decrease in memory loss. The Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia that we have observed. In most of the cases of Dementia, the main disease that is responsible for it is Alzheimer’s. In US 60-80% of Dementia is caused by Alzheimer.

Some symptoms of Dementia (Memory Loss):

There are many symptoms of Dementia some of them are

  • Frequent memory loss
  • Thinking difficulties
  • Difficulty in communication


Dementia is caused due to the damage in brain cells. This memory loss is caused mainly due to these damaged cells. As when these damaged brain cells try to communicate with each other they cannot communicate effectively and this damages more and more brain cells. Most of the changes in the brain that cause Dementia are permanent and worsen over time. There are some memory problem that if treated well can improve this disability:

  • Thyroid problems
  • Medication side effects
  • and Vitamin deficiencies

The Dementia cannot be detected by any diagnose as it can be detected only when the symptoms are observed in the patient.

Although the Dementia can be prevented easily through the full diet control and keeping count of the food nutrition that you consume. As the diet that contains high saturated fats and processed non-vegetarian diet can decrease your intellectual skills. Also, the vegan diet which contains saturated fats and is high in oxidants can easily improve your mental health. The main reason is a high quantity of antioxidant and fibre in the vegan diet.

Veggies, pulses, fruit and vegetables have to take the place of saturated fats like meat and dairy products in your daily diet. The Vitamin B12 must be taken regularly in the right amount so that it can nourish your brain cells effectively. The main source of Vitamin B12 is fortified food and supplements and they are very important for your diet. Also, Vitamin E has to come from foods rather than taking supplements. Vitamin E must come from the seeds, nuts, green vegetables and whole grains. Omega-3 is an important supplement to take and must be taken in regular intervals through supplements. Vitamin D levels also must be optimized.

Also more you limit Alcohol and other addictive drugs more your brain cell become healthy and you can easily dodge the disability. Brain in 80% water, so drink water at regular intervals as this would ultimately help your brain to communicate within cells, also you have to limit the caffeine. You must drink half your body weight in ounces amount of water daily. You should also avoid the food items that contain aluminium. You can boost your delicate nervous system by eating berries as they contain high flavonoid content.

Well, these are some methods which can improve your brain and memory skills so if you follow them you can ultimately protect you from Dementia (Memory Loss).

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