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You must have noticed that our breathing changes as per the behavior of the body. When it comes to the features of health, the natural capability of breathing should be taken into account. But many times it becomes a forgotten feature as long as some problems cause breathing difficulty. But, many factors can be responsible for offering negative effects to our Respiratory Health.

Respiratory Health

Air pollution

Do you think that you should only beware of the outdoor air pollution? Are you only concerned about factory fumes as well as car exhausts?

But, the fact is that external pollution is not everything of the entire picture.

A large number of pollution sources are often found indoors, such as homes and offices. The indoor pollutants can pose a big threat to our Respiratory Health.

Some of these types of pollutants are mold and fungal spores, fumes from upholstery and carpets, chemicals utilized in paints, toxic cleaning chemicals, varnishes, and so on.

Older buildings, humid environments, and densely inhabitant cities pose an increased risk to their inhabitants.

Are you living in older buildings, humid environments, or densely inhabitant cities?


You have to be very cautious because such places are associated with the enhanced risk of indoor air pollution of higher levels.

It’s not a practical solution to think about changing your home or workplace but you need to think about changing your indoor environment. It is very important to be very careful regarding controllable factors.

When you are thinking of remodeling, you have to be very cautious of your carpet and paint choices.

You’d be stunned to know that even a new mattress or sofa can be loaded with off-gassing chemicals of high levels. In times of cleaning, always go for non-toxic or natural cleaners.

When it comes to working in a so-called “sick building”, don’t forget to check whether sensors are properly installed or not for monitoring unhealthy levels of air qualities.

Insufficient Vitamin D

Being popularly known as the “sunshine vitamin”, the best way to get Vitamin D is bydirect exposure on a regular basis for around ten minutes.

But unfortunately, more than three million individuals have been diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency. But, in many scenarios, no symptoms are developed with this deficiency.

Vitamin D offers several benefits to the body, but it might be surprising for you that Vitamin D is also beneficial for your Respiratory Health.

What are Some Common Respiratory Diseases?

You might know that Asthma is a common health problem among many people but do you know half of the asthma cases are caused due to environmental factors.

And thus they are becoming a significant threat on existing Respiratory Health, according to the reports of WHO (World Health Organization).

Triggers vary; however, allergen exposure might result in an attack. Outdoor components include trees, grass pollens, and weeds whereas indoor allergens can be mold spores, dust mites, and pet dander.

Many irritants are present in the air as well, including chemical fumes, smoke, and powerful odors and without any doubt, they worsen the situation.

Moreover, food additives and also some medications can also show symptoms. COPD is another common health issue that can convert breathing into a difficult process.

And obviously, there’s a straightforward connection between smoking and impaired Respiratory Health. But luckily, today, many options are there with which smokers can quit smoking successfully.

I hope you have got some valuable information about the connection between different internal and external factors and respiratory health.

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