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Set up your own home yoga space by using just 5 elements!

Home Yoga
Written by kiran

Do you already know the benefits of home Yoga?

If you Know that yoga is beneficial for body and mind but you are wondering where to start from then it is quite simple as you can start from your home itself. There are a few essential elements that you have to follow and you can create your own home yoga space very easily. Here are five essential elements of home yoga space:

  •  Space: You need to find out a flat space of your home. It is good if you find a space that is 9 feet by 9 feet. This is an ideal size but you can even do yoga is a smaller space. After deciding the area, you should remove all the clutter from there. This is to avoid any distractions and encourage concentration.
  • Covering the surface: Depending on the flooring of your house you have to adjust the covering. Suppose you have hardwood floor then all you need is a Yoga mat. If you have a concrete floor, then you have to use a rug on the floor then cover it with a yoga mat. Concrete floors are hard for knees and cold for the body. In case you have a carpeted floor which has enough grip, then you can do yoga without a mat.
  • Lighting: While deciding the space at home, make sure that you choose the area near a window so that you get a lot of natural light. Dim lights are ideal for yoga but you can change it according to the time of the day you are practicing. While relaxing or meditating, dim lights are the most preferable.
  • Incorporating music: Usage of music in your yoga space will make it more interesting. You can search online and make your own playlists. You can play some soothing music for a meditative purpose. If you want to incorporate music then you will need a setup for music speakers, TV or computer near the space that you have chosen. So, while selecting the space you have to take care of this element.
  • Creating environment: A perfect environment for yoga is not that tough to create. Why not diffuse a pleasing and energizing smell? You can either use incense sticks or essential oils which will generate energy that you are trying to incorporate in your space. You must use energizing scents if you need power flows whereas you will need relaxing scents for gentle flows. Further, you can adjust the temperatures according to your preference. It’s better to maintain the room temperature.

Thus, these are five essential elements that you have to consider while setting up your own yoga space. It provides you the opportunity to practice yoga in a non-competitive and peaceful environment. But before starting yoga at home you must know all the postures correctly. If you set up space properly and you continue the work out well in the environment that you have created, then that will help you save a lot of money as well as attain peace of mind.

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