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The month of August brings in the energy of joy, creativity, integrity, enthusiasm, and bravery. As the long summer days begin to shorten, we are reminded to soak up our inherent goodness and prepare to shift our focus and goals towards better health and wellness. Ground yourself in the present with this month’s collection of free yoga videos that explore the body, breath, and mind. We hope these nine awesome free yoga videos support and inspire a yoga journey of compassion, connection, passion, and self-awareness.

Yoga for Stress Relief by The merrymaker sisters

This joyful 15-minute yoga class is designed for letting go of stress and tension. The video begins seated in Hero pose and moves through several simple warmups into Downward Dog. The sequence peaks in Eagle pose while encouraging you to let go of what does not serve you and focus on the hear and now. The practice ends with a Joyful Baby pose and a quick Shavasana.

Morning Movement and Meditation Practice by Ashley Hagen

This feel-good morning practice begins with a lot of interesting and creative standing warm-up movements. The sequence then moves into a Sun Salutation and ends with a seated meditation. These continuous flowing movements wake up the energy of the body to prepare for an active and productive day ahead.

Yoga to Restart Yourself & Your Day by Boho Beautiful

The intention of this 20-minute yoga class is to “energize and awaken your body and mind while helping you release stress and anxiety.” The practice begins seated in Hero and Child pose and moves into a creative sequined that includes an interesting extended leg threading the needle pose and a back-bending supine hero pose. The class ends in Supine Bound Angle and a short seated meditation.

Chill Out Yoga by Cat Meffan

This 20-minute all-levels flow beings with a series of juicy warmups in seated, all-fours position, and Down Dog. The rest of the video focuses on twists, hip openers, and forward folding poses to wring out and release tension, tightness, and stress. The class ends in Supine Bound Angle and a quick seated meditation.

Active Yoga by Alessandra Oram

This active 50-minute practice begins standing with several variations of Half Sun Salutations to warm up the body. The bulk of the sequence moves through a flow of warrior poses punctuated by an optional headstand. The class ends with Boat, Bridge, Supine Bound Angle, and Shavasana.

Fun Full Body Balance Yoga by YOGATX

This beginner yoga class begins with a standing meditation and then flows through a sequence of mostly balancing poses and movements. The 13-minute practice ends with a long-held child’s pose and a brief seated meditation.

Calming Moon Salutation Yoga Flow by Hmfyoga

There are no Downward Facing Dogs or other arm weight-bearing poses in this 11-minute sequence. The core practice is a Moon Salutation, a series of linked poses with the breath that is related to the sun salutations. The class ends in Supine Bound Angle and a brief seated meditation.

Detox Vinyasa Yoga Flow by High Desert Yogi

This intermediate 27-minute class focuses on twists to detox the body and mind. The practice begins in seated in hero pose, and after a few warmup movements proceed into a fun and creative flow of lunges and twisting poses. The class ends with Supine Pigeon, Belly Twist, and Shavasana.

Beginners Yoga Side Body Stretch for Flexibility by Yoga With Bird

You will need 3 pillows or folded blankets to fully participate in this 15-minute class. This sequence focuses on opening the side body to improve posture, better breathing, reduced back pain. The class begins on your back, moves through some movements in all fours, and ends with a restorative twist, Wind Relieving pose, and Shavasana.

Want More Free Yoga Videos?

At YogaBasics, we’re regularly reviewing new yoga videos and delivering our top picks to you on the blog every single month! Browse our Free Yoga Videos archives to find the perfect practice for your mood, energy level, and schedule.

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