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The month of May summons in positive energy, warmth, rebirth, and new beginnings. This is a great time of year to focus on self-care, nurturing projects, and taking chances to do things differently in your life. Celebrate and bring in the new season with our collection of free yoga videos that mostly focus on a strong, energizing, and vibrant practice! We have also thrown in a few gentle and calming practices to keep things balanced and to help let go of stress and tension from the wintertime. We hope you find this list of yoga videos helpful in sparking your desire for growth, change, and transformation this month.

Feel Good Total Body Yoga Class by Boho Beautiful

This 30-minute class is designed to “release tension, stiffness, and stress out of your total body” and to “ground, energize, and leave you feeling blissfully amazing.” Be prepared for a few fun yet challenging side plank variations in the beginning vinyasa sequence. The class ends with Pigeon pose and Shavasana.

Yoga Workout Flow For Strength by Yoga With Bird

Build strength and stamina with this simple 15-minute yoga flow class with minimal cueing. The sequence begins with two versions of a high lunge sun salutation and ends with Child’s pose and a short seated meditation in Hero pose.

Yoga For Strength with Chloe and Krissy by Well+Good

This joyful and playful 20-minute class begins with some warmups on all fours. The class has a nice balance of strengthening movements and poses with resting poses, so you will be challenged in your core and legs but have time to recover and integrate. The class ends with a short Shavasana and brief meditation.

Energizing Yoga Sun Salutations by Shona Vertue

This short 10-minute practice uses the simple and basic movements of the classic sun salutation sequence. The class is great for beginners as it is slowly paced with options and lots of great alignment cues.

Power Sun Salutations by Cat Meffan

Amp up the power and fire of your Sun Salutations practice with this dynamic and challenging 30-minute yoga class. The video begins with some short and simple shoulder, wrist, and neck, warmups, and then slowly builds in intensity with core and leg strengthening variations of asanas in the sun sals. The upper body is strengthened with long holds of Plank, slow transitions into Chaturanga, and Dolphin pushups. The class ends with resting in Prayer Squat, Forward Fold, and Supine Bound Angle.

Full Body Power Flow Yoga With Bre by Breathe and Flow

This 45-minute vinyasa yoga class begins with a seated meditation and some upper body and wrist warmups. Be prepared to be challenged in your balance and strength as you move through this creative and fun sequence of mostly standing and Balancing Poses. The class ends with a supine twist and a 5-minute Shavasana.

Yoga for Stress and Anxiety with Savannah by YOGATX

You will need a yoga block to fully participate in this sweet and gentle 14-minute class. The block is used throughout the practice to encourage relaxation, release, and self-care. This yoga video incorporates pranayama and meditation and was designed to help recover from stressful times and situations.

Deep Stretch for Upper Body by Yoga Upload

This 30-Minute yoga video focuses on upper body stretches to “relieve tension and tightness in the chest, shoulders, and upper back area.” As this is a yin yoga practice, just a few poses are held for about 3 minutes to encourage a deep release of tension and tightness. The class ends with an “open-ended” Shavasana that allows you to keep relaxing in the pose until you are ready to end your practice.

Moon Yoga Flow by Yoginimelbourne

Drop into a soft, lunar, nurturing, yin energy with this whole body 20-minute practice. The class starts standing and the sequence has a good mix of lunges, forward folds, and side bends. The class ends with a seated twist, forward fold, and Shavasana.

Kundalini Yoga for Disease Resistance by BrettLarkinYoga

Boost your immune system with this 30-minute traditional Kundalini kriya practice for disease resistance. These Kundalini kriyas incorporate movements with pranayama to “fire up your energy and stimulate your immune system.” The class ends with a meditation to “help bring all of the work together in your body.”

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