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While you may or may not agree with Tulsi Gabbard’s politics, you should certainly check out the beautiful and inspirational video she released titled The Gift of Yoga. To honor and acknowledge this year’s International Yoga Day, she created a 2-minute video describing the importance of yoga to fuel her peace, tranquility, focus, and inspiration. The video is beautifully filmed on an ocean beach at sunrise and it exudes a calming, heartfelt, and hopeful message.

Gabbard tells us in the video that her “yoga practice is the center of her life.” She begins each day with a hatha yoga practice of asanas and ends the day with a yoga meditation practice. She notes that the physical, mental and spiritual powers of yoga give her strength, clarity, and a deeper understanding of life.

Gabbard is an Iraq veteran, vegan, avid surfer, and she is the first practicing Hindu member of the US Congress. She was elected in 2012 and took the oath of office using her personal copy of the Bhagavad Gita. She notably ran for the Democratic nomination for US president in 2020.

The video ends with Gabbard encouraging others to incorporate yoga into their daily lives. “Yoga inspires us to come together to see each other for who we really are—the spirit within.” She believes yoga is a powerful and potent gift that can transform our lives and the world.

Watch The Gift of Yoga video below:

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