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Women & Hair Loss: What You Need to Know

Ever wondered what does a woman look for in the mirror? She looks for flawless skin and obviously beautiful hair. It doesn’t need rocket science to know whether long lustrous hair is a woman’s first wish or not.  After combing your hair when strands of hair are found entwined in the comb, it is alarming for everyone. The tension increases manifold when the reason of the hair loss or fall is unidentifiable.

In common language, we call it hair loss but technically it is called Alopecia. According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, on an average 50-100 strands of hair are lost in a single day which is normal. But when this number rises to 200 to 500 and the hair follicles are damaged so that no new hair growth takes place, the situation needs to be taken to the notice of a health practitioner.

Causes of hair fall in women:

Nowadays hair loss is gaining a lot of awareness as people have learned that thinning of hair affects both men as well as women. Since it is a major concern of beauty, the hair fall treatment has gained a potential momentum this decade. The remedies for hair fall in a woman include taking care of your mane with non-chemical hair care products, taking medications, and eating vitamin and mineral rich food to start hair regrowth. But before that, finding the exact cause is crucial to start appropriate treatment.

Hair loss in women may be attributed to many factors like lifestyle stresses, vitamin deficiencies, iron deficiency, and other scalp conditions.  Heredity is also a main cause of the various type of hair loss like female pattern baldness. Some hormonal changes may also cause hair loss. These hormonal problems are pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Thyroid disorders are known to interfere with hair growth. Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism both may cause hair thinning.

Hair loss can be permanent or temporary, but these simple ways can stop your hair from falling out:

  • Consuming lots of proteins. The best sources of protein are milk, pulses, eggs, and fish.
  • Stress cycle. When your life is full of worries, the hair thinning starts and then hair fall becomes the reason for your worry. So indulge in yoga and meditation to calm your mind.
  • Avoiding rough treatment on your tresses. Excessive chemical and heating products play havoc on your mane. They weaken the hair at the root level. So coloring, dyes and use of styling tools like curling rods and perming tongs are a big no-no.
  • Avoiding tight hairstyles.
  • Protecting hair from direct sunlight and damaging UV light by wearing caps and scarves.

Hair growth solutions and treatment:

Hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies may be cured by taking supplements like iron, zinc, vitamin D, and B-12. A mineral rich diet which includes food like spinach, kale, beans and legumes, strawberries and other berries will definitely retrieve the damaged hair follicles. The medicated shampoos and hair oils are effective solutions. For severe damages, you may consider hair revitalizing methods from professional health practitioners.

With all the information aggregated to make your hair problems the thing of the past, the healthy hair is just your wish away. But remember that your patience will restore your healthy hair days as no magic wand will give your old days back.

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