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Health Issues Specific To Women’s Health

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Though, health issues are common for both genders there are certain conditions by which women get health issue differently when compared with men. In many cases, women health condition goes unnoticed it happens mainly because of conducting drug trials with no female test subjects.

Women Health

Here in this article commonly seen health illnesses among women briefed. These health illnesses may pose serious health risks if they not treated properly.

List of Health Issues Affects Specifically Women

  1. Heart Attack

When it comes to the listing of women health issues, Heart Attack positioned number 1. Based on the recent study, around 27% of total women’s death caused because of the heart attack. Women can overcome the risk of getting a heart attack by changing their lifestyle. In addition, expert’s points that woman who always engaged in physical activities posses less threat of getting a heart attack.

  1. Cancer:

When it comes to women health many might immediately think as cancer would be the first health risk for women but it positioned second next to a heart attack. Reports points around 22% of women death caused because of cancer when calculated with the total number of women die. In cancer, lung cancer causes the most death than breast cancer among women.

  1. Strokes:

Around 8% of the women health risked because of stroke in the United States. Apart from being a life threading health issues, strokes lead towards the long-term disability among women. When compared with men, women possess a high risk of getting strokes. Women with symptoms like numbness or weakness on their face, arms, and legs posses’ high risk of getting strokes.

  1. Autoimmune Diseases

In general, women get a high risk of getting autoimmune diseases after giving birth to their child. Basically, autoimmune diseases can occur when human body cells lose their function of eliminating hazardous bacteria or virus from destroying healthy cells. Symptoms like feeling exhaust, feverish, body pain, constant skin irritation, and so limelight the presence of autoimmune diseases.

  1. Diabetes

As per the research results, diabetes leads to around 3% of the women died. The most shocking statistical value recently released that around 30 million women affected because of diabetes. In fact, among that whooping around 15 million women aged 20 and few years above affected from diabetes disease.  Maintaining a proper diet along with balanced physical activities can help the human body immune system to regain its strength and reduce the risk of health issues from diabetes.

  1. Kidney Disease

In the human body, the role of organ kidney is inevitable. It separates the waste and other toxic elements from blood and eliminates from our body. When compared with men, women have a higher risk of getting kidney related diseases.  Around 2% of women die each year mainly because of kidney failure. Women who have diabetes and high blood pressure possess a high risk of getting kidney failure than normal women.

  1. Depression and Anxiety

It may look like men get the high risk of getting depression and anxiety oriented problems, but the real fact it women are one who gets affected mainly because of depression and anxiety.  Women get emotional stress quite often when compared with men proper treatments like therapies and other medication needed along with care to get rid of the depression and anxiety problems.

  1. Gynecological Health

Women’s issue like the menstrual cycle and other vaginal issues can easily lead towards the STD’s or other reproductive oriented diseases. Hazardous symptoms during menstruation period must be treated promptly else it will lead to serious conditions like infertility or kidney failure.


In general, women’s health refers to the health of a woman that differs uniquely from men. WHO (World Health Organization) proposed as the women health is the perfect example for human population health. A woman needs to involve in a proper lifestyle to keep them safe and secure.

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